Parent Reviews

We are very proud of the wonderful reviews parents have submitted about our nurseries.

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Thank you for all you have done for all three of our children. They have had a fabulous time and you have provided such a good grounding for them starting school. - Corner House South Gillsland

We have found Corner House to be an excellent nursery. Our child enjoys the activities. They have a large garden up front and I often arrive to find my son engrossed in some activity before he realises I'm there. Indoors they have many different areas and activities and he enjoys playing in each of them. They have several rooms so I know he gets a lot of variety. Lunch is provided and they happily accommodate his dietary restriction (an allergy). He enjoys the food and often wants seconds! The staff are very helpful and caring. - Spylaw

Lovely, warm welcoming and always smiling staff. Great variety of activities for the children to keep them busy and capture their imagination on daily basis. Fabulous commitment to keep the parents informed of what the children have been up to during the day and on special educational activities online. Strive to offer healthy food. Fantastic garden which is regularly upgraded and improved. Highly recommend nursery. - South Gillsland

I am very happy with the nursery and my daughter has settled really well. The staff are friendly and approachable. The menu is varied and nutritious. I would recommend to any friends thinking of sending their child to nursery. - South Gillsland

I think this is an excellent nursery. It is well managed, and all the staff I have interacted with over the last year or so have been professional and enthusiastic. I would have no difficulty in recommending this nursery to others - South Gillsland

We have had a very positive experience of settling our child in; he has grown in confidence just in the few months he has been at nursery.

My children are extremely happy at Corner House and the standard of care is excellent.

We really get a sense of the staff caring for our child, and enjoying their time with him, which is just lovely and very re-assuring. Thank you!

My daughter loves attending the nursery and I do get the impression that she is cared for very lovingly. Much attention is paid to the things she is doing well and where she makes progress. Staff also seem to enjoy working and playing with the children, creating a fun and safe environment for the children.

Dear families,

We are pleased to share with you our exciting plans for the future of our nurseries. Bertram Nursery Group has provided a trusted, caring and quality service to thousands of families over two decades.  That isn’t changing, but we want to grow and develop our services, facilities and, most of all, our teams who make our nurseries and kindergartens such inspiring places for children.

That’s why we’re changing our name to Thrive Childcare and Education, because that’s at the heart of what we’re about – helping our children, staff and communities to thrive.

While changing our company name and the names of some of our nurseries is the next step of our development journey, we’ll still have the same dedicated teams caring for your children.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced our belief that we need to adapt and invest in a constantly changing world to continue providing the service that parents and children need, tailored to the communities we support across Scotland and North West England.

Since our foundation, we have acquired some fantastic groups of nurseries and many high-quality independent nurseries. Now we are uniting them under four Thrive groupings:

  • Happitots nurseries will extend beyond Glasgow and South Lanarkshire to provide a network of affordable, flexible nurseries across Scotland.
  • Holyrood nurseries will extend more widely across our network of affordable nurseries in North West England, recognising parents’ and community needs.
  • Corner House nurseries will now extend from Edinburgh to operate more widely across Scotland, providing an extensive range of exciting, extracurricular activities and large outdoor areas.
  • Nature Kindergartens, our new sub-group, will reflect our vision to develop children’s outdoor learning. We plan to expand our Nature Kindergartens network in Scotland and England because we believe children’s learning is greatly enhanced in natural spaces.


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