Our Menu

Our nurseries benefit from having their very own nursery chefs who prepare delicious and nourishing freshly cooked food. Our chefs are enthusiastic in consulting and involving children in the kitchen, regularly involving children in baking sessions and providing taster sessions of new meals and snacks.

Our wholesome and nutritionally balance 4 week rolling menus are specifically designed to give your little one the very best start in life. We make this possible by supplying our children with home cooked nutritional food, bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables and all the essential ingredients necessary for healthy physical and mental development. whenever possible we source our food organically, including seasonal fruit and vegetables into our menus.

Children are offered a portion of fresh fruit at least twice each day. No salt is added to food prepared in the nurseries. and sugar is used sparingly. Our children have a choice of organic milk (animal or plant based) or water to drink throughout the day.

We believe that meal-times should be a happy, relaxed time where children learn social skills, manners, good hygiene practice and healthy eating habits to last them a lifetime.

To receive copies of our menus please do not hesitate to contact us.

Morning Snack Fluffy scrambled eggs with melba toast. Carrot and breadsticks with a fresh mint dip. Natural yoghurt with fresh fruit. Melon cubes, sliced oranges and raisins. Bagel with selection of spreads. 
LunchMild chicken curry with vegetables, basmati rice and naan bread.Homemade lemon sole goujons with potato wedges and garden peas.Sausages with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Meatballs with fusilli pasta in a tomato sauce served with garlic bread. Chicken salad wraps with homemade potato wedges. 
Vegetable bake served with crusty bread. Baked Potato with
a selection of fillings and fresh salad.
Tomato, chickpea and fresh herb penne pasta.Quorn wraps served with cous cous and sweetcorn.Vegetable pizza with fresh salad and coleslaw.
DessertStrawberry Cheesecake.Fruit compote and custard.Apple and cinnamon crumble.Pancakes with fresh fruit and honey. Fresh fruit salad.
Afternoon SnackNatural yoghurt with a pureed fruit medley. Oatcakes with pate or cheese, and a selection of vegetable sticks. Pitta pockets with a selection of fillings, dips and fresh salad. Vegetable sticks, breadsticks and rice cakes.Fruit scones with mixed berries.
* Example of a one week Menu. Menus change every week over a 4 week period, and then rotate throughout the year.

Dietary Requirements 

We have a flexible approach to meals and mealtimes and are happy to cater for a whole range of dietary/religious/cultural requirements including:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Weaning Foods

We ask our parents and children to inform us of changes that could be made to our menus and take all suggestions and requirements on board.